Here's how Wide Bay Air Charter is managing the COVID-19 situation.


Like all responsible businesses, Wide Bay Air Charter is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely.

Both the aviation and tourism sectors have been hit extremely hard by the pandemic and our business has been no exception.

However, in concert with our amazing staff, we have made the conscious decision to maintain operations, albeit modified... rather than close the doors and become yet another small business statistic.

Flying Training (through the Recreational Flying Co) is still available as is Charter and Aerial Work as these activities represent training and essential services respectively.

...and we are pleased to announce that from June 9th - Our full range of Scenic Flights will be once again be available!


To best protect our crew and clients during the pandemic, Wide Bay Air Charter is adopting the following measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Increased cleaning and sterilisation of aircraft between flights;

  • Offering surgical face masks for passengers to be used if desired;

  • Ensuring that staff and passengers are made aware of the importance of not attending our business premises or boarding aircraft if they are feeling unwell.


Thank you to our wonderful customers and staff for persevering with us throughout this period of restrictions. You can rest assured that we have your health and wellbeing in mind and we will be doing whatever we can to keep you safe.

Your continued support is helping  keep a small Queensland business alive and this is greatly appreciated.

The Wide Bay Air Charter Team.


PH: 1300 351 509


For information on how we are managing COVID-19, please click here.

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